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SabaaTahir is the New York Times bestseller novelist who has written young adult fiction books and fantasy books. She is a Pakistani-American writer who began her writing career with the famous book series An Ember in the Ashes. Until now, she has provided the best fantasy book and science fiction novels to enthusiasts’ readers. Her bestselling books include From a Certain Point of View (Star Wars), a thief Among the Trees, A Reaper at the Gates, A Torch against the Night, A Sky beyond the Storm, and more. Her exquisite writing style, innovative storyline, science fiction touch, and engaging character make her one of the best authors of fantasy novels. You can find all of her bestselling books in our collection for online book shopping in Pakistan. Explore the online book store in Pakistan and search for books by SabaaTahir to satisfy your craving for fantasy, literature, and fiction books.