Accessibility Commitment:

Accessibility Commitment pledges to make the online bookstore accessible for people having disabilities. The users, who have a visual impairment, blindness, speech impediment, deafness, mental dysfunction, etc., can use our assistance for having our service. Our experienced IT experts enable the website to provide the best opportunity of having the exceptional experience of online books shopping in Pakistan.

Our provided ways to improve your accessibility:

·         The correct proportion of contrasting colors is used in our website design.

·         Appropriate pictures, non-textual visual components, and assistive technology-supported text are included in web-design.

·         Online books store is compatible to work with assistive technology devices, such as screen readers.

·         The web design contains all navigation components.

·         All the pages have the apropos structure for making the page user-friendly.

·         The skip navigation links are available on the website header.

·         Provides Form labels, directions, and appropriate cue relationships

·         Gives Data table markup with hierarchical tabular relationships

Our team of keeps updating and improving website accessibility features by using advanced assistive technologies. Visitors can also contact us through call, WhatsApp, or email to get more assistance from our customer service department.