How to Register:

How to Register on

We believe ourselves the best online books store in Pakistan, as we provide a wide range of books through an easy procedure. Whether you are a new customer or an old customer, you will find convenience on each step of online books shopping in Pakistan. The transparent and simple registration procedure makes the customer trust our services. If you are a book lover, then you should join us to find and buy the best books from the USA in Pakistan. We offer free registration for our customers. You just need to follow the following step for creating your account at

For New Customers:

1.      In the case of a new customer, go to the register option that is available on the website’s header.

2.      We ask a new customer to submit personal details, address, and security details.

3.      The customer first needs to enter his name, address, email address, contact number, and city, then set the security password.

4.      We assume that you read and apprehend our Terms & Conditions before agreeing with it.

5.      Click on submit to start shopping books online in Pakistan.

For Returning Customers:

1.      In the case of a returning customer, the customer just needs to sign in to his account.

2.      To log in, enter your email and password to start online books shopping again.

3.      In the case of a forgotten password, you need to click ‘forget password.’ We will send the reset password link on your email, from where you can revive your account at