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Allen Klein was the founder of the therapeutic humor movement that promotes the healing power of humor. He wrote many self-help guides, anger management books, and inspirational books to let everyone enjoy life to the fullest. His unique approach and personality made Fred Goodman write the biography of Allen Klien, which you can also find at our online Pakistan Books Store. We also feature here the bestselling Allen Klein books online in Pakistan that you can purchase with the ease of online book shopping in Pakistan. Some notable titles from his collection include You Can't Ruin My Day, Embracing Life after Loss, The Awe Factor, The Joy of Simplicity, Always Look on the Bright Side, and more. If you want to buy bestselling books in Pakistan, place your order here. We import books from Amazon to Pakistan to let you have the best reading experience. We will deliver your ordered book to your place within our dedicated delivery period for the best book shopping in Pakistan.