1.      Why choose Booksreading.pk for online books shopping in Pakistan?

Booksreading.pk pledges to provide all the latest books and complete book series to book lovers. The bibliophiles love collecting the best books on their bookshelf, and we are here to help them find their favorite books online in Pakistan. We bring millions of books in our collection and arrange them in spruce categories. It includes Kids books, Art & adventure books, Comics & Graphic books, Fantasy books, Fiction books, Cooking books, self-help books, history books, and more. The top-grossing books of famous authors are importing from Amazon, eBay, and other renowned international stores. Thus, it becomes convenient for enthusiasts readers to get imported books with ease.

2.      How to find my required books at Booksreading.pk?

The online bookstore in Pakistan is holding the largest range of books of all genres. The user-friendly web-design allows visitors to explore the collection by book categories. The seeker can choose the book category as per their interest, such as comic novels lovers should select the category of comic and graphic books to find the most relevant list of books. In addition to the category option, the customer can directly search the required book by the book’s title or author name. The generated search result shows all pertinent books with prices. If the customer does not find his required book in our collection, he can use our service of ‘request a book’ for custom order placement.

3.      How do I place an order for an online book on Booksreading.pk?

Booksreading.pk makes online books shopping in Pakistan easy and simple for everyone. The only thing required is online registration. Every customer needs registration for placing an order. Once you get registered, follow these 3 simple steps to place your order:

·         Select your favorite book from our collection and click ‘add to cart.’

·         If you are a registered customer, then enter the email and password to progress the order. We will ask you to enter the contact details and address details to checkout.

·         Submit the asked details and click the order now.

4.      Do you take orders over the phone?

Yes, our sales representative will facilitate you in placing an order over the phone. We ask for all the required details from you and submit them to place an order on your behalf. This facility is convenient for people who do not have any knowledge about online shopping.

5.      How to request a book for custom order placement?

If you are not able to find your favorite book in our collection, then you can request it at Booksreading.pk. There is a tab of ‘Request a Book,’ from where one can share the link of the required book with us. You just need to fill the form available there to place your order. The form includes Amazon book link, Book Name, book cost in dollars, buyer name, buyer email, buyer phone no., etc. Once you place your order, we give you a confirmation call before importing your requesting book from the USA to Pakistan.

6.      Are the books prices negotiable?

No, prices of the books are fixed because we are importing books from international websites with limited profit. To produce an inclusive price, we use a price formula that contains sale tax, import duties, shipping charges, etc. Therefore, do not make us awkward by negotiating the imported book prices.

7.      How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within 24 hours. Once the order goes in process, then order cancellation will not be done. To make the procedure simple for our customers, we give the confirmation call to our customer before proceeding with the order request. You can cancel the order through your log-in account at booksreading.pk, or you can just call us to cancel your order within 24 hours.

8.      How can I change my order?

Order change and order cancellation follow the same process. So, if you can cancel your order it means you can change your order too. Just contact us via call or WhatsApp regarding order changes or cancellation.

9.      How can I claim a refund for wrong and damaged books?

As we are importing books from the USA on the customer’s request, so we provide limited refund options. Customers can claim the refund only on receiving the wrong book. If you get damaged books, then we are not responsible for it. We do not give any guarantee on buying used books from Amazon or any other platform.

10.  How much time will it take to get my refund?

We will make a refund of the money within 7 days of the cancellation of an order.