Terms & Conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

Booksreading.pk is intending to make online books shopping in Pakistan reliable for book lovers. Thus, we have organized our operational procedures through the below-mentioned Terms and Condition. They are applying to all sections of our website.

1.      We guaranteed the client that we bring original books directly from the USA. However, the source of imported books can be connected to any country such as China, Pakistan, India, USA, etc.

2.      We asked the clients for registration for the sake of placing an order, sending e-newsletters, etc.

3.      The non-registered visitors can explore the available book collections, but they cannot request a book or place an order without signing up for registration.

4.      The perk of getting free registration is that the customer can get an e-newsletter, track order, manage orders, and find order status with ease.

5.      We assume that our customers read and agree to the terms & conditions before taking our services of online books shopping in Pakistan.

6.      The delivery time of ordered books will be 3 to 4 weeks. The delivery may get delayed during transportation from the USA to Pakistan.

7.      In an instance of any unexpected conditions, for example, Climate conditions, shipment delay, Vendor delay, inaccessibility of books, etc., the delivery time may get affected. In such circumstances, we could not cancel the order or refund the money because order is in-process to import the book from the USA.

8.      The customer can terminate the order within 24 hours until the order status shows “pending.” When the status changes to “in-process,” we will not be able to decline the order.

9.      If a customer claims a refund against an order, then the case will be examined under our refund policy.

10.  If we find any customer doing illicit activity through our platform, then we have secured the right to terminate the account without any warning.

11.  We assumed that our client is either above 18 years or using our website under the guardians’ supervision.

12.  Laws of Pakistan are applied related to our website material and services.

13.  We secure the right to change or add any clause at any time without any notification.