Import Books from USA in Pakistan

How we can import books from Amazon in Pakistan?

We provide a pathway to import books to Pakistan from Amazon and other international best online book stores. Since PayPal does not work in Pakistan, so Amazon makes its services very limited here. You cannot ship the majority of products and books directly from there. We take this responsibility to order your required book at Amazon and import them to Pakistan through the protected shipping process.

If I want wholesale rates to import books?

Yes, you can buy a bulk of books at wholesale rates from here. Use our custom order option to request your required books from any international bookstore. We provide the most reasonable rates to buy school books online in Pakistan, as it is a matter of our children's education. We will add custom charges, service charges, tariffs, etc., to the final price to generate the best competitive quotation for your demanded books. We offer the best wholesale prices if you buy books in bulk.

Is it safe to buy books from an online bookstore?

Books online shopping in Pakistan are not only a safe option but also a convenient and fun facility. Now, you do not need to roam from one local bookstore to another to find your required book from an unorganized collection. The well-organized inventory at the online store provides you the best means to easily get your favorite novel, journal, magazine, or textbook. The books importers in Pakistan, such as, also help you buy imported books of bestselling authors around the globe. The safe and reliable facilities make our platform worthwhile online books reading free in Pakistan among other online bookstores, such as paramount books, liberty books, etc.

Can we import books from Dubai?

Yes, we also facilitate you to import books from Dubai-based online bookshops, such as, bookend,,,, and more. You only need to request a book Pakistan by sharing the required one link via the custom order option. We will import it at your demand and send it to you at your doorstep.

What is Delivery Time to import books?

The entire procedure to buy books online in Pakistan from Amazon will take three to four weeks. Once you request a book, we will order it at the dedicated international website. Then, the ordered book will ship from Amazon to the USA, then the USA to Pakistan at our head office, and then your home door. Our staff makes the entire process simple and smooth for our customers to let them do books online order in Pakistan with no worry.

What are the shipping charges and cost to buy books?

We offer the best services with competitive shipping rates. Therefore, our customers find us a reliable platform to buy online books in Pakistan with cash on delivery. The standard shipping rates range from 10-15 USD per pound, i.e., the fourth part of shipping that you would pay for direct shipping from the USA to Pakistan. The final quotation contains custom duties, Pakistan's tariff charges, standard shipping cost, book price, and other service charges.

Can we buy Amazon kindle books?

No, we cannot buy any book in softcopies because it needs a separate account that only one person can use at a time.

How can I track my books order?

You can easily find the status of your order by using our 'Track Your Order' option. Enter your given phone number and order number to get the tracking. You can also direct Call, Whatsapp, or email us for any query.

What about the Amazon books return policy?

Return and refund can only be applicable when the customer gets the wrong book. Customers need to claim the return within three days after receiving the product. Otherwise, the request will become invalid. For further detail, read the complete return/refund policy.

Can we import used books?

Yes, we also facilitate you to buy second-hand/used books in Pakistan. However, some limitations are applicable. It requires 70% advanced payment to proceed with the order for used items. Once the order proceeds, you cannot cancel it on any terms. In addition to this, we do not guarantee the book condition, so you cannot claim a refund and return for it.

Is COD available to import books?

No, we do not offer cash on the delivery of imported books. You need to pay a 30% advance to proceed with the importation process of our ordered book.

Can we import from other than Amazon?

Yes, you can use our services to get your required books from any website other than Amazon, such as,, Barnes & Noble, Better World Books, Alibris, etc. You only need to send the book link with us, and we will import it for you from the USA to Pakistan.

Can we get a monthly subscription to some magazine?

Yes, you can get a monthly subscription to the USA famous magazines, such as Food Network Magazine, Family Handyman, Reader's Digest, HGTV Magazine, Real Simple, etc. The Amazon bestseller magazines are also available for a monthly subscription.