Your Next Five Moves A Business Strategy Book by Patrick Bet-David

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Book Description

Your Next Five Moves is a Business & Economics Book that tells the secret of a successful business with the right business strategy. Our facility for online book shopping in Pakistan marks it the must-read for entrepreneurs and businessmen because it improves the business goals with better approaches. Our Pakistan books store brings it here to make the young businessman understands the art of business strategy. If you want to commence a business, you should buy bestselling books in Pakistan to design the right strategy. It gives all the answers to your business-related question to make you set bold professional goals.

  • A business influencer and inspiration Patrick Bet-David has written Your Next Five Moves to guide young entrepreneurs.
  • It tells five steps that an entrepreneur must have to accomplish professional goals.
  • It clears your goal, helps set an effective strategy, tells growth tactics, improves skills, and gives deep insight into the business values.
  • The given methodology helps a beginner build and manage the business strategies for making them successful.
  • This edition is published by Gallery Books Publisher on date June 1, 2021. features a reliable facility for the best book shopping in Pakistan to make you buy your required book from the USA. Simply give your order here to gain the opportunity for online book shopping in Pakistan. Once you place your order, we will import it and send it to your doorstep within the provided delivery time. The easy payment option and free home delivery make us more reliable for the amazing shopping experience.

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Before to order any book please make sure Book content not against Pakistan and any religion e.g. Islam. Also read product reviews and rating before to buy.