Wolf Unleashed (The Royal Heir Series) by Jen L. Grey Paperback

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  • Jen L. Grey

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Book Description

Wolf Unleashed is the second book from the famous book series, The Royal Heir Series. The wolf queen, Elena, has to prove her to every wolf to strengthen their position of Wolf Queen. She defies demons and vampires to prevent supremacy destruction. This Book series is found in our collection of vampire romance books and fantasy books. If you have a craze for fantasy or fiction stories, then you will definitely love having it in your collection. The opportunity of Amazon online books online shopping in Pakistan makes you buy this paranormal romance book at the best price.


• A Wolf Unleashed book is written by Jen L. Grey, who loves to write contemporary romance and fantasy.

• It is independently published on October 7, 2020.

• It contains 238 pages that captivate thrill, adventure, action, and romance.

• The mesmerizing story will attract the reader to attach with the engaging characters and feel every emotion with them.

• It is the perfect book series for fantasy story lovers.

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