Why Religion A Personal Story Biographies & Memoirs by Elaine Pagels

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Book Description

“Why Religion?” is a heart-wrenching story of Elaine Pagels in which she asked herself about religion and reason to believe in God. She took these questions when she got unimaginative losses. She lost her young son and beloved husband in consecutive years. Thus, it is hard for her to deal with these losses without questioning her faith. Therefore, she beautifully wrote this personal story to show how religious traditions are shaping society and making life more difficult. Our online bookstore has brought this book into the collection of memoirs and biography to let you gain insight into the life of notable people. Our online books order website ensures that you will get the original books in Pakistan with the opportunity of Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan. 
Why Religion? is an inspiring personal testimony that is sketched with exquisite details by Elaine Pagels. 
Elaine Pagels unintentionally reveals different religious aspects that shape the culture and society. 
Her arisen questions draw the attention of anthropologies, neurologists, and historians to think with her perspective. 
She also tells about the inadequacies of spirituality in her memoir.
This memoir is worth reading by religious thinkers who want to explore the spiritual dimension of life. 
This Reprinted edition is released on January 21, 2020, by Ecco publisher.
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