While Justice Sleeps A Suspense Novel By Stacey Abrams

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  • Stacey Abrams

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Book Description

While Justice Sleeps, a detective and mystery novel, features a suspenseful story of a young girl who was working as a law clerk for legendary Justice Howard Wynn. Her life suddenly changes when Justice Wynn slipped into a coma. She found that Justice Wynn has left the power of attorney for her to let her serve as his legal guardian. During this period, she also explores many things, truth, and secrets behind high profiles cases. These truths bring more complexity to the case and make her more intriguing about it. You can explore these high-end court cases with her by reading this suspense thriller novel. Our Pakistan books store features it here to make you buy it for online book shopping in Pakistan.

  • Stacey Abrams, New York Times bestselling author, has written this mystery book to bring the political thrill to a detective story. 
  • The story is fortified with subtle emotions, vigorous twists, astonishing mystery, thought-provoking suspense, and enthralling thrill. 
  • Each page brings a new turn to the story that makes the reader captivated by the characters. 
  • It presents the passion for saving democracy for saving justice.
  • ‎It is available here in the large print edition, i.e., Published by diversified publishing on June 1, 2021.

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