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When Clouds Appear As Mountains Genre Fiction Book

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  • 304581 (Paperback)

  • Malcolm Giles

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Book Description

When Clouds Appear As Mountains is the debut fiction novel of Malcolm Giles. The author narrates the astonishing story of Nathan, who found the philosopher’s stone in cough medicine. Nathan used that magical stone to make the world free from depression. However, it was not as easy as it appeared. The entire story revolves around two characters, i.e., a boy and a girl. These characters create a strong bond with the reader with their influential dialogues and stories. If you like horror books or fiction books, then consider reading this novel for once. Our online books order website helps you get this original book in Pakistan via the best facility of Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan.


• When Clouds Appear As Mountain is written by a new fiction writer, Malcolm Giles.

• The fiction novel lover finds this story enthralling, suspenseful, mysterious, and horrifying.

• The story is all about a philosopher’s stone that can create a big difference in mental health.

• It is published by Sky Puddle Industries on date August 20, 2020.

• The 121 pages captivate adventure, thrill, repulsion, imagination, and much more.

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