Washington A Life World Leaders Biography by Ron Chernow

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Book Description

Washington: A Life is the richly shaded life portrait of George Washington who was a founder of America. Ron Chernow has brought the life on the life of this revolutionist who did groundbreaking work to bring the change. He was known for his emotionless attitude, but his firm personality made him gain more respect than affection. When the reader reads his troubled boyhood, he will consider Washington a passionate person with fiery opinions. If you want to take an insight into American History or American Revolution, read this biography book online in Pakistan. Our online books order website features this notable leader biography to let you easily buy it with Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan. 
Washington: A Life is written by a great biographer Ron Chernow who researched deeply to bring the real story of a notable leader. 
The biography shows the hardships, determination, emotions, and challenges in George Washington’s life. 
The author also reveals his private life and his relationships to provide a detailed portrait of his life. 
Washington’s approaches, ideas, devotion, and opinions will inspire the reader for magnificent performance in every field of life. 
Penguin Press publishers launched this biography book on October 5, 2010, and it is now available at our online bookstore. 
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