Vampire Knight: Memories A Manga Novel by Matsuri Hino - Vol.7

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  • Matsuri Hino

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Book Description

Vampire Knight: Memories is a romance manga novel featuring the enthralling yet seductive story from the world of Vampire Knight. Our online books store features online book shopping in Pakistan for lovers of comic books and graphic novels. It is a story when a pureblood vampire, Kaname, was not inactive and a human’s life was not interrupted. In this fictional world, Ai became the new queen to lead vampires in the isolated world, whereas Yuki wanted to promote the hatred of the vampire realm. This story becomes more interesting with every turn of the page. Therefore, manga series lovers must have this book on their list for the best book shopping in Pakistan.

  • Vampire Knight: Memories is a famous manga series by Japanese Manga artist Matsuri Hino.
  • Volume 7 of Vampire Knight is the continuation of the story when Kaname disappeared due to a fake path created by Yuki and Zero.
  • The story is full of thrill, suspense, mystery, and emotion, so manga lovers will not stop reading it in-between the scene.
  • Every page turn reveals a new twist that makes the store more interesting.
  • If you have read the previous volumes, you should read this one to find out what happens with Kaname.
  • This volume is published by VIZ Media LLC on date July 5, 2022. facilitates manga lovers to buy bestselling books in Pakistan from this popular shojo manga series. Hit the option order now and get it at your doorstep with the easiest payment mode.

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