Trauma Medicine & Health Sciences Medical Book - Ninth Edition

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Book Description

Trauma, Ninth Edition, is a reliable resource for finding and understanding various types of injuries that a doctor may encounter during their residency. Multiple authors and editors work on this medical book to provide comprehensive details of kinematics and epidemiology of trauma with suitable treatments. The residents, doctors, nurses, and even paramedical staff can get help from this medicine and health sciences book to find the treatment protocols for trauma patients. Our online bookstore in Pakistan enables you to buy this book online in Pakistan to assist you in diagnosing and treating any trauma or injury safely and effectively.


·         Trauma Ninth Edition is written by David Feliciano, Kenneth Mattox, and Ernest Moore, and edited by Chad G. Ball, Rosemary Kozar, Hasan B. Alam, Kenji Inaba, and more.

·         This book covers injury kinematics, surgical approaches, prevention, triage, shock management, and treatment protocols.

·         The anatomic drawings, colored atlas, and illustrations help the reader understand the anatomy of any specific injury.

·         It also contains algorithms, X-rays, and C-Scan illustrations for diagnosing the injury.

·         The authors provide an all-inclusive discussion of the management of complications to teach you how to handle challenges in trauma.

·         It is published by McGraw-Hill Education on September 16, 2020. provides the consistent and reliable gateway for Amazon online book shopping in Pakistan. You can use this service to get this medical book from the USA with great ease. We assist you to give books online orders in Pakistan to make you have the best experience in shopping for medical books in Pakistan.

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