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Toward the African History Revolution Book by Frantz Fanon

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Book Description

Toward the African Revolution is the influential collection of letters, essays, and articles from the times of the African revolution. It is compiled after the death of Fanon, who had the manifesto to do efforts for their liberation. He provided his great ideas that helped the leaders of the American civil rights movement. This African Revolution book contains the unseen parts of African history, so historians can read it to explore the history. The online Pakistan book store offers the essays collection by Frantz Fanon to let you learn more about the African past. You can get it from our online books order website through the facility of Amazon online books shopping in Pakistan.


• Toward the African Revolution contains all essays and articles by Frantz Fanon, which are written between 1952 and 1961.

• All topics are grouped into five sections, i.e., The Problem of the Colonized, Racism, and Culture, For Algeria, Toward the Liberation of Africa, and African Unity.

• They portray the manifesto of Frantz Fanon in the American civil rights movement.

• He wrote the essays to give the voice to the genesis of their liberation.

• It is the new edition book, released on January 11, 1994, by Grove Press Publisher.

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