Three Daughters of Eve Fiction Novel by Elif Shafak

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  • Elif Shafaq

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Book Description

Three Daughters of Eve is the literary fiction novel that is the best pick for online book shopping in Pakistan. It features Middle Eastern Literature through the fiction story of Peri and her two old friends. They were a group of three girls who belonged to different religions and countries. Therefore, their major arguments contain Islam and feminism which make this story super interesting and thought-provoking. The controversial Professor Azur made their scandal worst. Online books store features this world literature fiction novel for the best book shopping in Pakistan so you can get it by simply placing your order online.

  • Three Daughters of Eve is written by the bestselling novelist, Elif Shafak.
  • She has written the moving story of three girls, Peri, Mona, and Shirin, and each of them belongs to a different religion.
  • The story portrays the most profound changes in the modern world that occurred between east and west.
  • The arguments about feminism and religion make the story influencing and moving for readers.
  • It contains the elements of emotions, friendship, terror, hope, and feelings, so the story captivates the reader within the story.
  • It was published by Bloomsbury USA on the date December 5, 2017. allows bibliophiles to buy bestselling books in Pakistan with an amazing online shopping experience. The reliable payment methods and free home delivery make our services the perfect option for book lovers. Simply give your online order here to boost your fiction book collection.

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Before to order any book please make sure Book content not against Pakistan and any religion e.g. Islam. Also read product reviews and rating before to buy.