This I Accomplish Harriet Powers' Bible Quilt A Historic Book by Kyra E. Hicks

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  • Kyra E. Hicks

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Book Description

This I Accomplish: Harriet Powers’ Bible Quilt and Other Piece fall under the category of crafts and hobbies books because it shows the pictorial quilt crafts by Harriet Power. It tells the American history about the dramatic story of the bible quilt and pictorial quilt. It contains amazing facts about the quilt craft pieces, which make Harriet Powers’ work an award winner. You can find the American history book on quilt art and craft at our place for online book shopping in Pakistan. Our Pakistan books store enables bibliophiles to buy bestselling books in Pakistan to take a better insight into astonishing history. 

  • Kyra E Hicks, a professional quilter, has written This I Accomplish as an artist biography of Harriet Powers. 
  • She brings the historical imagination to the next level by adding a dramatic touch to the story. 
  • The book contains authentic citation and annotation from over 200 bibliographic references, including books, newspapers, maps, plays, scripts, poetry, exhibition catalogs, etc. 
  • The book proves with all references that both the quilt art pieces get interlinked to become the national treasure. 
  • The Illustrated edition was published by Black Threads Press on date July 6, 2009, and now it is available here. facilitates bibliophiles with the best shopping in Pakistan to let them learn more from the history through literature review. You can gain our facility by simply placing your order for your favorite book. Once you give your order, we will bring it to you at your home door within our dedicated delivery time.

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