There Is No App for Happiness How to Avoid a Near-Life Experience Medical Self Help book

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  • Max Strom

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Book Description

There is no App for Happiness is a self-help book that guides the reader to survive happily in this modern 21st century. According to the author, technology has flourished to a great extent, but still, there is no technology for the expansion of personal happiness. Thus, one needs to empower his life with the internal technology that leads him deep to the level of self-satisfaction and contentment. Our Pakistan Books Store features this book as the best emotional self-help book that teaches you to take full control over your feelings. Our facility for online book shopping in Pakistan helps you get this guide at the best price from Amazon. 
There is no App for Happiness is written by a great motivational speaker and author Max Strom. 
He has explained three imperatives to make happy and satisfactory life, i.e., self-study, self-healing, and precious life.
It helps the reader to discover the happiest self by disconnecting the anxious, depressed, and overmedicated feeling.
It contains highly illustrative, authorizing, thought-provoking, and action-oriented guidance that helps reader transform their lives and build a strong personal connection. 
1st edition was published by Skyhorse on date August 1, 2013., an online bookstore in Pakistan, offers this self-help guide for the best book shopping in Pakistan. If you want to buy bestselling books in Pakistan, place your online order here. We will import books from Amazon and fetch them to your doorstep within the given delivery time. This self-help guide will help you improve your personality that makes life contented and satisfactory. 

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