The Power of Discipline by Daniel Walter - Hardcover

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  • Daniel Walter

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Book Description

The Power of Discipline gives the ultimate secret to accomplish any goal in life. The author has designed the outline of this self-help book to help the people who become tired from failing. The book not only enlightens hope but also teaches us to be optimistic in every phase of life. According to this book, self-discipline is the only key to achieve anything in life, so one needs to work on it to enhance the chance of success. It drives your dreams to reality and makes you satisfied in any means. Our online bookstore for self-help books online shopping in Pakistan features The Power of Discipline in a must-read books collection.


• Daniel Walter writes The Power of Discipline for people who need to revive their passion for accomplishing any goal.

• He gives three factors to build a powerful and influential personality, i.e., talent, skills, and intelligence.

• One can strengthen and reinforce these factors with a broad vision, optimistic thinking, and affirmation.

• The book also contains Navy and Zen Buddhist's secret to self-discipline that gives motivation to the reader.

• A reader can apply the given principles of self-discipline to his life to ensure success.

• This book is released on April 8, 2020, and it is now available here in our collection.

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