The Power of Attachment A Self Help Book by Diane Poole Heller PhD

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Book Description

The Power of Attachment is a psychology book that tells the essence of intimate relationships in anyone’s life. It is a self-help book that counsels the reader for the daily emotional rollercoaster to reduce its impact on their overall personality. The author tells how one can recover from a traumatic event by connecting to deep and lasting relations. This is a personality study book that tells the attachment theory and trauma resolutions that make one learn and get overwhelming experiences in his life. We bring this psychology self-help book to our Pakistan books store to let you easily get it for self-healing from trauma. 

  • Diane Poole Heller Ph.D., a medical biophysics expert, has written The Power of Attachment to tell and prove his trauma theory for self-healing.
  • She highlights the relationships and connections to be the best healer. 
  • The book also contains some key insights and practices that you can follow to reconnect with your spiritual nature after a traumatic event. 
  • It also teaches what to do if life or any part of life becomes imperfect due to any distressing incident. 
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