The Immense Ocean: Al-Bahr al-Madid: (Fons Vitae Quranic Commentaries Series) by Ahmad ibn 'Ajiba

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Book Description

The Immerse Ocean: Al-Bahr al Madid is a famous Islamic book from the Fons Vitae Quranic Commentaries Series. The spiritual scholar and author Ahmad ibnAjiba provides all basic Islamic knowledge based on traditional sources to let a layman understand the Islamic Mystic Path. If you are seeking Islamic erudition, buy this book to enlighten your understanding. Whether you are a student, researcher, or scholar, this Islamic book will help you gain maximum from Ajiba’sTafseer. We facilitate you with the service of online islamic books online shopping in Pakistan to make you purchase your favorite book from the USA with ease.


• The Immerse Ocean: Al-Bahr al Madid was written by 18th-century Moroccan saint Ahmad ibnAjiba. Now, it is translated into English by Mohamed FouadAresmouk and Michael Abdurrahman Fitzgerald.

• The author has divided his commentary into three chapters, covering topics of All-Merciful, the Event, and Iron.

• All explanations are based on traditional Islamic sources and the author’s journey of research and discovery.

• It is published on May 1, 2009, by Fons Vitae.

• It is comprised of 204 pages of explicit Islamic education, commentaries, and Islamic Researches. dedicates a separate category for Islamic books and religious books to let you find and buy them with ease. You can easily purchase it by simply placing your order here. Once you place your order, we will import it from the USA and then fetch it to you with the ease of Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan.

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