The Computer Book by Simson L Garfinkel

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Book Description

The Computer Book is a comprehensive computer science book that tells all important milestones from the abacus era to the Artificial intelligence era. If you are a computer science student, you should read this book to find the backstory of recent computing technologies. Our Pakistan books store brings it into the collection for online book shopping in Pakistan to let CS students take a deep insight into the history of computer sciences. The reader will get astounded to find the amazing revolution in computer sciences by reading its chronological journey. If you want to buy bestselling books in Pakistan, you can go to our facility for the best book shopping in Pakistan. 

  • Two experts, Simson L Garfinkel, Rachel H. Grunspan, have written The Computer Book to give full insight into the computing technologies revolution. 
  • Both authors have versatile experience in computer research, so they use their knowledge to give amazing voyage through history. 
  • It covers all important topics about computer sciences, such as early computers, mainframes, programming languages, virtual reality, Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics, etc. 
  • It also contains 250 illustrated inventions, events, and publications to let you witness the old times of computer history. 
  • The illustrated edition was published by Union Square & Co. on November 6, 2018. makes it simple to buy the best computer science book from Amazon in Pakistan. You are only required to place your order online to avail our services for online book shopping in Pakistan. We will fetch your ordered book to your place with the use of easy payment modes and minimal delivery time.


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