The Caged Queen Iskari Book Series

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Book Description

Written by Kristen Ciccarelli The Iskari Series is a book series comprising of three books, The Last Namsara, The Caged Queen, and The Sky Weaver. The last namsara is a book of a child of the sky and spirit who was a source of laughter and love where ever he goes. But with light comes darkness and so there was iskari the child of blood and moonlight.The death bearer, the destructor. People have heard the legend of Asha, the daughter of the firgaard’s king. This legend was always whispered and was drawn to the forbidden figures of the past. But it was just a legend till she becomes the next iskari, her lonely destiny that makes her more than a weapon than a girl.

Book two The Caged Queen is about two sisters born with a bond stronger than anything else, so strong that no one can tear them apart. The two sisters Roa and Essie called this magic hum and they cherished it, until one day a disastrous accident took Essie's life and her soul is trapped in this world unable to escape and trapped. And no one knew who was behind the accident and it turned out that the heir to firgaard Dax was responsible. When Rao came to know about the reality, she swore to hate him forever. But the turn of events took place and he came back after eight years egging for her help. He told Rao that he will overthrow his cruel father because of which Rao's people have suffered. After thinking a great deal she made a pact that she will provide him the army that he needed if he made her the queen. Because she knows that only as a queen she will be able to save her people.

The third and final book The Sky Weaver revolves around Safire who is a soldier who knows her role pretty well and that is to serve the king of firgaard to keep peace in her nation. On the other hand, Eris is a deadly pirate who is known as the death dancer due to her ability to evade the most difficult pursuers for she has a superhuman ability to travel between the worlds. With the two being the deadly enemies can loyalty and love truly exist? Buy the Caraval Series online in Pakistan from Amazon from the comfort of your home and enjoy reading.

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