Sultan Abdulhamid II Biography The portrait of a political genius by RASIT GÜNDOGDU

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Sultan Abdulhamid was the renowned and the most controversial personality in Turkish political history. This book is based on him and his ruling era in the 19th century. Sultan Abdulhamid II: The portrait of a political genius book shows that how his intelligence, objective, and determination drive him to play a decisive role during the conflict between east and west. The author beautifully mentioned the inspirational points from his personality to make this history book motivational for a new generation. You can find the motivational political history books in our online book store through an amazing service of Turkish History book online shopping in Pakistan.


• Sultan Abdulhamid II: The portrait of a political genius is written by RASIT GÜNDOGDU, who immensely portrays the strong and influential personality of this Turkish pollical personality.

• This book captivates the important events from Turkish pollical history, political tactics, colonialism of the under-developed world, and much more.

• The author has written every scene in an imaginable text style to let the reader visualize everything.

• The objective and aim of Sultan Abdulhamid are narrated beautifully in this political book.

• It is released on January 1, 2019, by the publisher RumuzYayinev. The online history books collection of enables the books lover to get the favorite book from the Amazon in Pakistan. The enjoyable service of books online shopping in Pakistan makes you get imported books at the best price with the convenient payment option.

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