Strong Like the Sea by Wendy S. Swore - Hardcover

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  • Wendy S. Swore

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Book Description

Strong Like the Sea contains a story of a curious girl who has a brilliant mind and resilient personality. Alexis is a twelve-year-old girl who uses her intelligence to solve the puzzle cases in counterintelligence. She solves her mom’s challenges to save the people she loves. It is the story of bravery, intelligence, discovery, and enthusiasm. Kids who like mystery books or detective books will love reading this story of a curious girl. In our inventory of children’s booksin Pakistan, you can find this one at the best price with the opportunity of Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan.


• Strong Like the Sea is the famous children novel of bestseller author Wendy S. Swore.

• The adventurous girl, Alexis, in the story uses her detective skills and intelligence to solve complex cases to save people.

• This story encompassesthrill, mystery, suspense, emotions, strength, adventure, fun, and action.

• It is released on May 25, 2021, and published by Shadow Mountain.

• The reading age for the children's novel book is from 8 to 11 years.

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