Steve Jobs The Exclusive Biography By Walter Isaacson

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  • Walter Isaacson

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Book Description

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography is one of the worth reading biographies of professionals and academics. Steve Jobs was known her the creative entrepreneurship that made him bring revolution in the six big industries from IT to digital publishing. In this Steve Jobs biography, the author has mentioned the exciting roller coaster life that made him an intense personality. If you want to know about Computing Industry History, you should read this biography book for once. Our Pakistan Books Store features it in our inventory for the best book shopping in Pakistan, so you can easily avail yourself from here. 

  • Walter Isaacson has written Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography to portray the riveting story of a great business magnate. 
  • This book is based on over forty past interviews of Steve Jobs and a hundred interviews of his family, friends, colleagues, etc. 
  • His story shows that he was a real perfectionist who brings an innovative edge to invent and drive many industries and businesses. 
  • His passion, obsession, devilry, and artistry made him the achiever on different platforms of technology. 
  • The 1st edition of this Steve Jobs biography was published by Simon & Schuster on date October 24, 2011. features the best facility to buy bestselling books in Pakistan, so you can use our online bookstore to buy this biography from Amazon. For online book shopping in Pakistan, you need to click on the button order now. We bring your ordered literature to you at your place within our provided delivery time and with a reliable payment option.


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