Spider-Man: Blue Comics Book by Jeph Loeb

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  • Jeph Loeb

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Book Description

Spider-Man Blue is a graphic novel about the famous superhero spider-man. Our service for online book shopping in Pakistan allows you to get this bestselling spider man novel at the best price. This book features the life of Spider-man, which is really bad before his mutation. It is the story of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy that how they fell in love with each other, and how peter parker fought the great villains. If you like reading marvel comics or superhero comics, you should buy bestselling books in Pakistan like this one to boost your collection. The fan of superhero graphics will find this book worthwhile to be added to the collection.

  • Spider-Man Blue is written by famous award-winning comic book writer Jeph Loeb who has also written American films.
  • Tim Sale has drawn amazing graphics to make this comic book enthralling and story imaginative.
  • The classic spider-man story is full of emotions, including love, romance, fights, suspense, hope, dedication, and action.
  • The ending of the story makes the reader cry because of the heartbroken climax.
  • Spider-Man life seems like a roller-coaster because everything united to fall apart in the end.
  • It was published by Marvel on date August 10, 2011.
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