Simone Braverman IELTS 5 Practice Tests, Academic Set 1: Tests No. 1-5 (Volume 1)

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Book Description

Get prepared to achieve a high score in your IELTS test with the help of IELTS 5 Practice Tests Academic Set 1. It provides full-length preparation for all of the five IETS tests to let you practice them at home. If you do not want to enroll in an academy for ILETS preparation, then simply buy this for easy practicing at home. In our collection of IELTS certification books, you can easily get the IELTS test prep and study guide at an affordable price via our service of online books shopping in Pakistan.


• The IELTS practice tests (no. 1-5) volume 1 contains practicing tasks with answers for easy IELTS preparation at home.

• It also helps you develop strategies and techniques to solve the IELT tests with confidence.

• The reading answer help chapter provides the solved questions to let you check the correct answer by yourself.

• It provides a reliable means of self-studying and test preparation at home.

• It is comprised of 194 pages, having questions with solved chapters.

• It also comes with downloadable listening and speaking recordings for all tests.

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