Serpent & Dove A Fiction Book by Shelby Mahurin

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  • Shelby Mahurin

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Book Description

Serpent & Dove is a Young Adult fiction book featuring the story of witchcraft and forbidden love. Pakistan books store has brought this fantasy novel for online book shopping in Pakistan to let fantasy lovers enjoy the blend of love, burn, romance, and fear in this folktale. In this fiction story, a witch Louise le Blanc, and a huntsman Reid Diggory unexpectedly forced into a marriage due to a wicked stunt. However, the situation becomes awkward and complicated because they cannot alter anything irrespective of their feeling. To find more about this interesting folktale, you need to buy bestselling books in Pakistan from this fantasy trilogy.

  • Serpent & Dove is the debut fiction novel of an American author Shelby Mahurin.
  • This story of a witch and huntsman has complicated the love-hate relationship due to their forbidden love.
  • Each page reveals a new twist that makes the story more interesting.
  • The storyline is loaded with romance, mystery, suspense, adventure, thrill, emotions, and magic, so it keeps the reader bound in the story.
  • The blend of magic and romance in the stunning fantasy makes it super fascinating to read.
  • The Reprint edition was published on date September 3, 2019, by HarperTeen. facilitates the bibliophiles with the service of the best book shopping in Pakistan to make them buy the best novel at a reasonable price. They only need to give an online order to make us send the book to their home door. We have also made book shopping easy by providing free home delivery and convenient payment modes.

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