SENTINEL by Drew Starling paperback

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  • Drew Starling

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Book Description

Sentinel is one of the best thriller-horror stories with unexpected twists and surprises. In this horror story, Aaron and Ellen Dreyer found something lurking in the forest. Around that area, many weird incidents occur, such as a neighbor got killed, a little boy went missing, and a local town decentralized due to the drain of chaos and finger-pointing. The driving force of all these happening is a supernatural power that is more evil and sinister than one could ever think. Readers who like horror books will love to experience the horror and thrill in this story. Our online bookstore in Pakistan provides the original Sentinel horror book to make you read this supernatural thriller book online in Pakistan.


• Sentinel is written by famous dark fiction and horror story novelist Drew Starling.

• He beautifully introduced the characters and built the scenes to induce emotions and bonds with them.

• The story is dark fiction with a lot of mysteries, spooky scenes, twists, and surprises.

• It is a great fusion of haunting and a beautiful storyline.

• Many readers and reviewers find it worth horrifying that one may not dare to read it in the dark or night.

• It is the best pick to be added to the horror books or fiction books collection. enables the enthusiast readers to get this horror novel through Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan. They only require placing this book online order in Pakistan to get it at the best price. We offer free shipping with original and imported books to enhance your experience with us.

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