Saving the Appearances A Study in Idolatry Religion & Spirituality Book by Owen Barfield

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  • Owen Barfield

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Book Description

Saving the Appearances is a religious studies book that gives the human perspective about God, consciousness, and human nature. The author dares the reader to end the false habit of thoughts and broaden the ways of knowing. People who want to learn about Consciousness & Thought Philosophy should read this book to collect maximum knowledge about idolatry. We feature this religion and spirituality book at our Pakistan books store to make you easily buy bestselling books in Pakistan. 

A renowned British Philosopher Owen Barfield wrote Saving the Appearances to show the bond between God and humans. 
He used literature, mythology, history, philosophy, theology, and science to find the structure of human thought evolution. 
From Moses to Galileo, human nature and thought processes were deeply studied regarding Idolatry to reveal the common point among them. 
The writing style of the author is a bit difficult, but it is worth reading to learn new things about religion and spirituality. 
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