Python for Geeks A Programming Book by Muhammad Asif

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  • Muhammad Asif

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Book Description

Python for Geeks is the python programming book for intermediate-level Python developers. Our online books store brings it for online computer and internet books shopping in Pakistan to let programming students and developers improve their python skills. It teaches the real-world application of python for local and cloud deployment. Moreover, it also tells the tips and tricks to carry out a large-scale python project with the best practices. From building modular to developing project-oriented applications, you will learn the best to use python. If you want you are a programming student, you should buy bestselling books in Pakistan that guide you to the fullest.

  • Python for Geeks is written by Muhammad Asif who has expertise in web development, virtualization, machine learning, cloud automation, etc.
  • It teaches you python project management, sign, web development, application programming, data analysis, and machine learning using Python Programming.
  • Every concept is coupled with code examples, which have been tested with python 3.8 and 3.7.
  • You will also learn to create a module for project-oriented applications.
  • It also teaches you advanced python techniques and skills for the clusters and cloud.
  • Packt Publishing house published it on date October 20, 2021. offers an easy and reliable opportunity for the best book shopping in Pakistan. You can use our bookstore to get the best programming book at a reasonable price. All you need is to place your online order, and we will fetch it to your home door.

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