Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him Biography from Birth to Death

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Book Description

Take an insight into the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, and learn what Allah wants and expects from Muslims. Allah sent his last messenger and brought the Holy Quran upon him to provide clear instructions for the entire humanity. Our prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) made his life practical guidance for Muslims under Quranic and Islamic teaching. The Prophet Mohammad biography contains a summarized story of God’s Last and final prophet. Studying the life of the Holy Prophet will help the reader understand Quran and its true message. Our online Pakistan books store features this best biography book in our collection at the online books order website. The service of Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan allows you to buy books online in Pakistan with great ease. 
The Prophet Muhammad biography contains all aspects of his life, i.e., manners, quotes, prayers, sayings, last sermon, and more. 
All important events from his life are written to let the reader know the true story to learn from. 
The Secret Seeker has added authentic sources from the Quran, hadith, and seerah books.
It helps the reader better understand the Prophet Muhammad and instill a love for him. 
It is released on September 15, 2020, and is now available here., an online books site in Pakistan, brings an online books bazaar to let you buy the original books in Pakistan. The online bookstore in Pakistan facilitates the Pakistani customers with the services of Amazon books shopping in Pakistan. You can buy this biography book from Muslim history by placing your order here. 

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