Pizza Girl: A Humor Novel by Jean Kyoung Frazier

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Book Description

Pizza Girl is a humor novel featuring a complicated yet wryly funny story of a pregnant pizza delivery girl. Our online books store features this humorous fiction for online book shopping in Pakistan to let fiction novel lovers enjoy this humorous story. The story is about a dysfunctional heroine, a pizza girl, who lost after the death of her father, but she unexpectedly gets attached to her customer Jenny. She relates to the motherhood that inspires her to the fullest, but the story slowly gets complicated after the reveal of some hidden truth. The heartbreaking twists with an ironic touch make this fiction book the worth-buying for the best book shopping in Pakistan,

  • Pizza Girl is written by a new writer Jean Kyoung Frazier who wrote it with the element of boldness, wry, and humor.
  • The story has compiled different emotions in the story, such as laughter, comedy, emotions, relationships, motherhood, and more.
  • With every turn of the page, the story finds its heartbreaking ways to make you astound.
  • The story portrays different relations that make it more engraving to read.
  • Doubleday publisher released this novel online on date June 9, 2020, and now it is available here for fiction lovers. provides a great way to buy bestselling books in Pakistan. You only need to place an order online to buy your favorite novel at the best price. The easy payment methods and timely home delivery also make you enjoy your purchase to the fullest.

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