Pax Kids Novel by Sara Pennypacker - Paperback

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Book Description

Pax is a bestselling children’s novel about a sheltered fox that has to return to the wild and live there. A young boy peter rescued the fox as a kit, but now he has to return him to the wild after the unfortunate events. The story shows the beautiful bond between peter (Boy) and Pax (Fox), who are desperate to reunite. The entire storyline is loaded with discoveries, adventure, thrill, emotions, and entertainment. This classic novel book is available in our collection of online children’s books in Pakistan. You can purchase it from our online books store via the service of Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan.


• Pax novel is written by award-winning author Sara Pennypacker, who beautifully narrated the characters and the story through her captivating writing style.

• The reviews show that readers get attached to the character and feel every emotion with them.

• It is a thought-provoking story of love, association, conflict, and faithfulness.

• It is now available in Paperback with French flaps to let you enjoy reading it anywhere and anytime.

• The reading age for Pax fiction novel is 8 to 12 years.

• It is released on April 2, 2019, by Balzer + Bray publisher. facilitates you with the best service of online books shopping in Pakistan, which you can use to buy any online Children's books from the USA. You only need to place your order here to buy your favorite novel at a reasonable price.

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