Paul A Biography Christen book by N. T. Wright

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Book Description

Paul is the most influential Christian theologian who had remarkable understanding and knowledge. Thus, Christians and even religious studies students should consider reading this biography book to take an insight into the life of a great theologian. The famous Bible scholar, N.T. Wright, wrote this biography to tell the achievements of the intellectual theologist. The influence of Paul has shown when bible scholars and pastors consider Paul’s letter to take advantage of his knowledge. Our online books order website enlists this biography book at our online bookstore to let you buy biography books online in Pakistan. The facility for Amazon books shopping in Pakistan helps you get the original books in Pakistan at the best price.


• Paul: A biography is written by renowned Anglican bishop, a scholar, and bestselling writer, i.e., N.T Wright.

• He wrote this biography book to support and encourage Paul's achievement that illuminates humanity.

• Paul was a Jew so one cannot understand the Christian theology by Paul without knowing his Jewish heritage.

• The writer brings clarity to Paul’s theology by comprehending the apostle’s writing, ideas, and thoughts.

• This biography is great that one should read to know the Christian history.

• It is published on February 18, 2020, by HarperOne publisher. is the reliable online Pakistan books store that provides ease for Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan. Thus, you can consider using our online books site in Pakistan to buy this biography or any Christian history book. Our online book bazaar enables you to buy books online in Pakistan with the use of the easiest payment options.

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