Oogy pets & Animal Care book by Larry Levin - Paperback

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Book Description

Oogy is the pet care story that touches the heart of pet lovers and dog lovers. It is a sort of memoir in which Larry Levin narrates the tale of an ugly dog that does not only adopt by them but also loves by his family. Once upon a time, Larry with his twin sons went to Ardmore Animal hospital for their pet cat. They found here an ugly-looking dog whose face was covered in scars with one ear missing. They decided to adopt him and take him home. They named him Oogy and add him to the family. The story of affection between the dog and its owner makes the reader mesmerized. Our online bookstore in Pakistan enlists this pet care book in the collection for Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan.


• Oogy: the dog only a family can love is a heartwarming memoir by Larry Levin.

• This heartening story encourages people to rescue and adopt animal pets against all odds.

• The author gives the message that your pet is not supposed to be cute to deserve your love. They only need the charm that makes you attracted to them.

• It is a sort of love story between a pet lover and an astonishing dog.

• The story features emotion, respect, affection, dedication, and friendliness.

• This reprint edition is published on October 18, 2011, by Grand Central Publishing.

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