Truly Devious Books Series Online Shopping In Pakistan

Written by Maureen Johnson This book consists of a series of four books each with a simply unimaginable twist. The first book “truly devious” is a tale of murder and mystery woven carefully by the author. The book opens with a school that is different than all others, Ellingham Academy is a special school where only innovative thinkers, artists, and inventors can take admission because this school was no less than a mystery the school was full of riddles, twisting pathways, and gardens where learning is supposed to be a game but things take a terrible turn when the principle’s daughter and wife are kidnapped. Read the book and get to know what happens next.

In the second book “The Vanishing Stair” Stevie bell wanted to solve the mystery of Ellingham but instead, she found one of her classmates dead which brought horror over the entire school. While solving that murder the crimes from the past are still waiting to be uncovered. While she gathers the pieces together her parents pulled her out of the school. What happens next is a mystery of truly devious book 2 waiting to be unsolved.  

The third book “The Hand on the Wall” is another book from the series of 4. The book opens with three people being murdered, one dead with either a prank has gone wrong, second from a misadventure, and third by an accident. People have thought maybe the school is cursed because everything happened at the moment of Stevie’s triumph and now she knows who is truly devious at least she thinks she knows.

In the fourth book “The Box in the Woods” Stevie bell solved the greatest mystery of the school and now she is onto solving her first mystery in the outside world. Now she is a little celebrity for solving the mystery of truly devious. Will Stevie bell be able to solve the mystery of the outside world as well? To know what happens next and how the thrill unfolds read the fourth book of the truly devious book series. Now you can buy a truly devious book series online in Pakistan from Amazon from the comfort of your home with ease.