Throne Of Glass Book Series Online Shopping In Pakistan

An amazing book series full of mystery blood, vengeance, and bravery, this book series will take you into a world of fantasy where loyalty is all that matters. The book series is based on 5 books, Tower of Dawn, Empire of Storms, Heir of Fire, Crown of Midnight, and Queen of Shadows. In the tower of dawn, Chaol Westfall has always been known as the captain of the guard for his loyalty. But after the attack on the empire and shattering of the glass castle his men were killed yet, he was spared. To know whether he was able to get his throne back or will he be killed as well to know what happens in the story get your hands on the book.

In Empire of Storms, AelinGalathynius has just started her pathway towards the throne for the kingdom is being broken around her and the enemies seem to grow around her and to save her loved ones from falling for the dark forces claiming the throne he needs to form allies with them. With the danger of war around there is only one way to protect everything is by going on a quest that may destroy everything that she holds dear

In the queen of shadows, she is to seek vengeance from the two men who destroyed her life. To know whether her prince and his captain is safe Celaena returns more evil claiming her rightful place on the throne accepting her identity as AelinGalathynius

The fourth book Heir of Fire opens with Celaena burning to take revenge from those who killed her dearest friend but because of their assassin, she is bound to serve the tyrants. But she is planning to make him pay for what he did because Celaena vows to destroy him and his kingdom.

In the fifth book Crown of Midnight, Celaena is 18 years old and she is not only beautiful but bold and daring as well, the greatest assassin and the perfect seductress the world has ever come across. Even though she has won the king’s contest she has neither her liberty nor her freedom to follow her heart. To know what happens in the story all you have to do buy a throne of glass book series online in Pakistan from Amazon and get it delivered to you from the comfort of your home.