The Shattered Realms Series Online Shopping In Pakistan

This is another fantasy novel written by Cinda Williams Chima. There are four novels to this series each with a different twist. In the first book flamecaster the book opens with Adrian sul’Han, known as Ash who is a gifted healer and has thirst for revenge. The ash who is the son of the queen of the Fells is forced to hide after the queendom is thrown into chaos because of murderers. After much struggle as he is very close to killing the man responsible for the cruelty the king but as a healer do you think he will be able to take a life?

In the second book shadowcaster the book opens with an endless war with an Alyssa ana’Raisa being heir to the Gray Wolf throne of Fells but is being reluctant. Lyss has been hardened by the losses he has experienced in his life. He likes to strike with a sword rather than maneuvering at court. After being face to face with death she had decided to end the war that had consumed all her life. The bargain that she is willing to make may consume her throne and leave her with nothing.

The third book stormcaster is the most thrilling of all the four books. The realm of the cruel queen has been growing stronger and her grip is being tightened. Vagabond seafarer Evan Strangward is very powerful in that he can move the oceans and wind but even his magical abilities seem to be of no match in front of Empress Celestine’s. Her army seems to grow with every step and do you think someone can stop her and return peace?

In the last book deathcaster Alyssa ana’Raisa is ready to do anything to protect her home, the fellas her legacy. But she is a prisoner to Empress Celestine because of which she is forced to turn her army against her homeland. If she refused to obey the order then she will be killed and her death would mean the end of the gray wolf line. Will she be able to stand against the cruel queen or will she remain a prisoner forever? Buy the shattered realms book series in Pakistan and dive into the fantasy.