The Charlotte Holmes Series Online Shopping In Pakistan

Written by Brittany Cavallaro the book revolves around a teen that is a descendent of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The first book A Study in Charlotte opens with Jamie who doesn’t want to go rugby scholarship to Sherringford just an hour away from his father whom he was never close to. But that wasn’t all because it was home to the great-great-granddaughter of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and she had inherited everything from him. Jamie had heard things about charlotte by which he decided it is good to admire her from afar. Do you think they will get along or do you think things will be awkward?

In the second book, last august both Jamie and charlotte are looking forward to the winter break because just before that they very about to get killed. But to everyone’s surprise, Charlotte wasn’t the only one with secrets and the atmosphere at her home is becoming tense because Watson and Holmes may be becoming something more than friends. But can the darkness from charlotte’s past will become the wall between them or will she cross all the walls to be with Watson?

In the third book the case for Jamie, August Moriarty has died and it is shocking for everyone and it has been a year since Watson and Holmes haven't spoken to each other. While Jamie is trying to complete his senior year with a nice girlfriend that he isn’t able to fall for and charlotte is trying to run away from her own mistakes. Do you think another case could bring them both closer to each other? For strange things began to happen that indicate someone wants them back together even when they don’t want to reconcile.

The fourth book A Question of Holmes opens with Holmes and Watson being together and they have buried the hatchets and decided to start over left the school and are looking forward to the pre-college summer program at Oxford University. They decided to experience dating for the first time while exploring the new city. Will their plan succeed? Or will new trails be waiting for them? To know what happens in all the four books of the series all you have to do is buy the charlotte Holmes series online in Pakistan from Amazon and enjoy the thrill