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Written by Stephanie Garber caraval is a book series comprising of three books, caraval, legendary, and finale. Caravel is a tale of a young, beautiful, and energetic girl who is full of life and her eyes are filled with dreams. Scarlett Dragna lives in a small Iceland with her sister Tella and their cruel and powerful dad and she has never left Iceland ever since she was born. As she has come of age her father has arranged a wedding for her and he is hopeless and sad because she thinks that her dream of seeing the Caraval the faraway, once-a-year performance where the audience participates in the show won't come true. But this year she may be very near to see her dream come true because her family got an invitation to this amazing festival. By taking help from a mysterious sailor Tella sends her sister away so that her dream could come to life. But to her surprise Tella is kidnapped by the mastermind of caraval and this year caraval revolves around Tella and whoever finds her first. Although scarlet has been told that whatever happens in caravel is just a game but it seems as if she is entangled in a game of magic love and heartbreak.

 The second book legendary book opens with the lesson that there is a heart to protect, a game to win, and a debt to repay. After being consumed by the magical world of caraval Donatella Dragna saved her sister and escaped her father, this calls for a celebration for the girls but they can't because tells is still captive. Tella made a difficult bargain with one of the mysterious criminals and that is tella will bring him the real name of the master mind of caraval that no one has ever able to deliver. The only way tella can uncover his name is to participate in caraval’s legendary game once again and win it. She realized that she has thrown herself onto a path of a murderous heir to the throne, a web of secrets of her sister, and a disastrous love story. The caraval’s game always requires bravery, sacrifice, and cunningness but this year there is more than this. If Tella fails to keep her side of the bargain and is unable to deliver the name then she may lose everything that she cares about which can mean even her life. But on the bright side if she wins caraval will be destroyed forever.

In the last book finale, there is love worth fighting for, an ending that will surely be worth the wait, and a dream worth dying for. It’s been two months since the fates have been freed from the deck of cards, two months since Tella realized that the boy she was in love with doesn’t exist and the legend has claimed the throne. After she uncovers a deadly secret she needs to carefully decide whether she has to trust the legend or a previous enemy. She needs to do something that may be nearly impossible. Will the fates hanging in balance legend get a choice that can change him forever and define him? Although caravel is over the greatest game has begun. Although the game has no spectators to witness who will win and those who will lose everything. Do you think tells will win or will she lose everything that she has ever loved for? If you want to read the caravel series then buy the series of three books online in Pakistan from Amazon and by sitting from the comfort of your home.