0 Of Bones and Demon Limbs Fiction Book by K. Tsuyama

Of Bones and Demon Limbs Fiction Book by K. Tsuyama

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  • K. Tsuyama

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Book Description

Of Bones and Demon Limbs is a fiction thriller book that will keep the reader on his seat to find the upcoming twist and plot. The story focuses on a teenaged girl who got kidnapped mysteriously on her eighteenth birthday. One year later, she is found in front of a hospital with no memory of the previous year. A Detective Rowan Sullivan takes her case to find the mystery behind her enigmatic kidnap and the people behind it. However, the real truth is hidden behind the girl’s dark secret. The story slowly becomes enthralling, suspenseful, interesting with every turn of the page. Our online bookstore brings this original book to Pakistan to let you encounter the real thrill and action in this fiction book.


·         K. Tsuyama, a horror fiction novelist, has written this fiction novel on Evelyn Greyson, who got trapped by demons and monsters.

·         The strong characters in the story and influential storyline around characters help the reader create a bond with them.

·         The storyline captivates thrill, horror, suspense, mystery, adventure, and a lot more to keep the reader within the story.

·         308 pages of occult horror with thrill makes it worthwhile reading for people who like reading horror books.

·         This book is independently published on December 4, 2020, and now it is available here at our online Pakistan bookstore.

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