My First Book of Planets All About the Solar System Kids Book by Bruce Betts Ph.D.

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Book Description

My First Book of Planets is the best kids’s book that teaches kids about the universe, galaxy, space, and solar system. This kids’ non-fiction book is designed to make the complex solar system easy and understandable for kids. The simple illustrations and definitive details ensure that kids can get sufficient knowledge about the big universe of space. You can add this best selling astronomy book to your children’s book collection to let kids learn about science, nature, and how it works. Our Pakistan books store features it here to let go for online book shopping in Pakistan. 

  • The planetary scientist, Bruce Betts Ph.D., has written My First Book of Planets to let kids explore the solar system through the literary voyage. 
  • The author uses kid-friendly language to give small astronomers an informative ride to the solar system. 
  • It contains incredible pictures, interesting facts, and precise details for better understanding. 
  • It gives the basic details about eight planets in the solar system with some dwarf planets in the universe. 
  • The fascinating facts about some planets make the kids learn and memorize each planet's detail. 
  • It is published by the Rockridge Press on date June 16, 2020. facilitates you with the best way to buy bestselling books in Pakistan so you can avail our facility for the best book shopping in Pakistan. To gain this opportunity, you only need to place your order here. We send your ordered book to you at your place within the provided delivery period and with the reliable payment option.

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