0 Muslim Women Mystics Biographies & Memoirs Of Rabi'a Basra

Muslim Women Mystics Biographies & Memoirs Of Rabi'a Basra

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  • Margaret Smith

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Book Description

Muslim Women Mystics highlights the contribution of Muslim women to Islamic history. In this Muslim Leaders Biography, the author beautifully portrayed the life and struggle of Rabi’a of Basra, who worked a lot to establish Islamic mysticism. If you want to take an insight into Islamic history or Muslim history, then read this biography book for once. It provides the real image of the history of Islam and women's role in its mysticism development. Our online Pakistan books store features this original book in Pakistan to boost your knowledge about Islam history. Our facility for Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan helps you get this biography from the best online books order website.


·         Muslim Women Mystics is the biography of Rabi’a of Basra, who devoted her life to flourish Islam.

·         Margaret Smith, a famous scholar of Sufism, wrote this book to portray the mysticism in Islam by influential Muslim Women.

·         Islamic Scholars, teachers, researchers, and students can take help from this biography to learn more about the development of Islamic mysticism.

·         256 pages also contain some dose of poetry that makes the biography captivating and interesting.

·         This 2nd edition book is published by Oneworld Publications on date July 30, 2001.

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