Mobile First A Book Series by Luke Wroblewski

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  • Luke Wroblewski

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Book Description

Mobile First is the mobile web design book, i.e., precise but informative for beginners of mobile web development. The author has written this programming book to provide a strategic guide to mobile web design development. If you are a computer student or IT student, you should consider buying this book from our online books store. We offer the best facility for online book shopping in Pakistan to let the students buy their required computer books at the best price. In the Mobile First book, beginners can learn techniques, tools, and strategies to create and improve innovative mobile web designs. If you also need a guidebook for mobile web design, buy this guide through the best book shopping in Pakistan.

  • First mobile is written by the worldly known product director of Google, Luke Wroblewski.
  • He has mentioned the batted tested techniques and data-driven strategies to create the mobile web design.
  • The mentioned techniques also help the reader improve the non-mobile design too by simply mastering the web design and development skills.
  • Students who are learning mobile web designing will find this guidebook worth reading to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • A Book Apart publisher has published the 1st edition of this guidebook for IT students.
  • The publication date is January 1, 2011. makes it convenient to buy bestselling books in Pakistan, so you can use our services to improve your knowledge. Simply give your online order, and we will fetch your ordered literature to your place within our dedicated delivery period.

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