Metro 2033 Russian Science Fiction Novel

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Book Description

Metro 2033 is a fiction story in which humanity is near to be extinct. The story shows the post-apocalyptic world where the last few survivors are struggling to save themselves from the nuclear holocaust radiation. Most of the cities are uninhabitable there due to harmful rays, but Moscow Metro is safe for them. Among the survivors, a young man Artyom has the task to alert the people about the awful danger and getting help to save humanity. This fiction novel will give goosebumps with its shocking and suspenseful scenes. Our online books website in Pakistan features this novel in the collection of science fiction book series at the online bookstore. The service for Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan helps you get the original books in Pakistan from the USA.


·         Metro 2033 is written by a Russian journalist and professional author Dmitrij Glukhovskii.

·         The author has also released the sequels of this famous fiction novel, i.e., Metro 2034 and Metro 2035.

·         The elements of adventure, thrill, drama, tragedies, emotions, and action make the story super exciting for fiction lovers.

·         The 384 pages bring action and drama on the same paper to let the reader mesmerize every scene to the fullest.

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