METAVERSE A Beginner's Guide To The New Digital Revolution A Book by Kevin W. Allen

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  • Kevin W. Allen

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Book Description

METAVERSE by Kevin W. Allen is the digital media book, based on the digital revolution by metaverse. The author has penned down the history, technology, metaverse application, and the future of the successor of the internet. Thus, it is an ultimate beginner guide to take an insight into the next internet technology. People who want to explore the meta-universe should buy this metaverse book from our Pakistan books store. It covers all important metaverse-related topics, from cryptocurrency to virtual reality, to make it the best beginner guide. You can buy bestselling books in Pakistan by simply online book shopping in Pakistan. 

  • Kevin W. Allen has written a Metaverse book to tell how this new tool can revolutionize the world with its advanced and super-intelligent technology. 
  • The book gives the idea of every possible application that metaverse can bring to improve different industries and functions. 
  • It also tells the link of this technology with augmented and virtual reality to create the persistent 3D virtual world. 
  • You can also find that how you can invest in the Metaverse to gain the maximum from this new and revolutionary tool. 
  • It is independently published on date November 24, 2021, and is now available here at our Pakistan books store. offers a reliable facility for the best book shopping in Pakistan, so you can avail this opportunity to get this metaverse book for VR. You only need to place your order here, and we will bring your ordered product to your home door within the given delivery period.

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