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Living Halfway by Alex Woodard - Paperback

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Book Description

Living halfway is the heartwarming biography of Alex Woodard, who went through challenging times from childhood to his singing career. The author reveals the imperfect truths of his life about his family, career, and society. His struggles and challenges will inspire the reader in every mean to learn about determination. The heart-wrenching essays, raw stories, honest thoughts, and witty moments make it the most interesting and influencing biography book of all time. We bring the paperback book Living Halfway in our collection of biographies from Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan.


• Living Halfway contains social commentaries with memoirs to show the bitter side of life.

• The author, Alex Woodard, is a famous singer and songwriter who made his name after going through real challenges in life.

• His biography teaches you about optimism, hope, determination, self-esteem, and self-control.

• It is a must-read book for people who love reading motivational biographies for life learning.

• The comedy touch in the writing style also makes the entire story light and engaging for readers.

• It is released on January 19, 2021, by For The Sender, LLC publisher.

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